India will be a growth engine for global economy, says PM Modi Back to News & Events List

India will record high growth rates for a long time and will focus on its citizens’ dignity and quality of life, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a speech read out on his behalf at the HT-Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore on Friday.
A successful and prosperous India will be an engine for the global economy and a force of good for the world. Because, the ideals of democracy that define our nation also shape the way we engage Asia and the world, he said as he highlighted the continent’s contribution to global development.
The confidence and energy of our people and the strong fundamentals of our economy, tells us that India will sustain high growth rates for a long time. Digital revolution and our focus on inclusion and every citizen’s dignity and quality of life gives us the strength of belief and confidence in our future, he said.
Asia’s re-emergence and rise are the greatest phenomena of our age of multiple transitions…This moment of flux in Asia provides us all a huge opportunity, indeed a great responsibility, to chart a steady course towards a cooperative, inclusive and peaceful future, he said.
Source: The Hindu Business Line

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