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Important Points

Important Points to be a Part of iiiEM  


  1. Please refer to the Induction presentation. It has points which you may want to use later after the Program is completed.
  2. Read the Support & Services which iiiEM offers to its Participants.
  3. The below given chart helps you with contact details of various important departments of iiiEM.
  4. It is important that you write or call the right department only.  

Tax Invoice:

Please wright to with

  • Name of Firm
  • Address of Firm
  • GST No.
  • Fees paid at iiiEM

* kindly attach GST Registration

* Mention Student Code, City & Mobile No.

Session Discipline:

  1. Please reach the session venue 30 minutes before the session time.
  2. In the session venue, kindly behave and maintain discipline.
  3. Keep your mobile phone on a silent mode during the session.
  4. Ask question pertaining to the Day’s topic only. 
  5. Ensure Feedback is written honestly and faithfully. Your feedback is important.
  6. Tobacco of any sort is strictly prohibited during the sessions.

Useful Links:

  3. World Map – read to know the sea routes for your export – import business.
  4. – the Foreign Currency Exchange website