Global Language Programs


  1. To learn a foreign language
  2. To read, write short sentences in a Foreign Language
  3. To understand simple text and sentences of a foreign language
  4. To be able to speak in foreign language
  5. To be able to participate in a conversation of a foreign language

Program Contents:

  • Communication

         1. Social Exchange, greetings, weather etc
         2. Self Introduction
         3. Sentences Expressing Emotions
         4. Directions, Products and Transport & Shopping 

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation & Phonetics
  • Video Calling to French Speaking Countries
  • Culture,  Etiquettes, Festivals of French People
  • Project Work
  • Revision

Program Duration:

  • 5 days a week, 2 hours daily,
  • 100 hours of syllabus

Our Faculty:

Language Special faculty members are being engaged for a systematic and specialized guidance. 

Our Faculty has minimum 500 man hours of experience teaching in the respective Languages. 

The Faculty also has been chosen few for State level Interpretation and Translation Services by many Corporate Companies and Government bodies too. 

The Faculty come not only with richness of their respective languages but also has a passion for teaching their specialized language. The Faculty is selected as they are involved in various cultural exchange programs with the native Language Country.

Fee Inclusions:

  • Application Form Fees
  • Tuition Fees
  • Study Material
  • Examination Fees 
  • World Map
  • A Dictionary ( Foreign Language - Foreign Language - English )

Payment & Terms:

  • Rs. 30,500 in INR is charged for the Complete Course of Learning a Foreign Language
  • Government Taxes extra

Admission Process:

Prescribed Application form along with prospectus can be obtained from the Center.

Following documents are required with the Application Form:

  1. Latest Photograph: 2 Copies
  2. A Self Attested Photocopy of Last Qualification Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Latest Updated Resume
  4. Cheque to be drawn in favor of ‘iiiEM Exim Training Pvt Ltd’ payable at Ahmedabad

# The Application without above set of documents may be rejected outright.