Export Documents & Registrations


1. Gumasta:                                              Contact Local Municipal Office

  • Registration under Shops and Establishment Act
  • Address Proof: (Electricity Bill / Municipal Tax Bill / Rent Agreement)
  • PAN (Proprietor)@
  • KYC (Proprietor)@
  • Any other as per the Officer at the Registration


2. Current Bank A/C:                                    Bank Norms

  • Gumasta or Shop & Establishment Act or Udhyog Adhar ( MSME )
  • PAN
  • KYC documents
  • Address Proof for Company
  • Savings’ Account Cheque


3. IEC Registration                                      Online www.dgft.gov.in

  • Pre-printed cancelled cheque of the current Beak Account
  • PAN Card
  • Company registration
  • Address Proof – Company address


4. GST:                                             Online - https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/

Sole Proprietorship / Individual

  • PAN card, Adhaar card, and a photograph of the sole proprietor
  • Bank account details- a copy of canceled cheque or bank statement Address proof of office:-
  1. Own office – Copy of electricity bill/landline bill/water bill/municipal khata copy/ property tax receipt
  2. Rented office – Rent agreement and No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner


5. Certificate of Origin ( COO )                  Chamber Of Commerce

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading ( B/L )
  • COO Form – to be filled
  • Covering Letter/Declaration


6. Customs / Port Registration:                                     CHA

  • Original bank AD Code letter – on Bank Letter Head
  • IEC Copy (Self-attested)
  • PAN Card
  • GST registration copy
  • Authority letter for appointing CHA
  • Application to the Customs Commissioner
  • Bank Account Registration on your letterhead, Approved & Signed by Bank

·Port / Customs Registration for Other than Proprietorship – Charges will VARY

  • ITR Copy of last two years, (Self-attested)
  • Bank statement copy of last six month (Self-attested)
  • Memorandum of Articles of Associate (Self-attested)
  • Company PAN card copy and attested copy of Telephone bill/Electricity bill (Self-attested)
  • Attested copy of Company Registration Certificate (Self-attested)
  • As above, Bank letters, A.D. Code letter, Authority Letter & Application Form


7. APEDA/RCMC:                                             Online www.apeda.gov.in

  • Application Form
  • IEC
  • PAN
  • MOA
  • List of Directors/Partners/Proprietor on company’s letterhead
  • Bank Certificate – in APEDA Format

For any other RCMC, visit the website and register as per the process.


8. PHYTO SANITATION REGISTRATION                 Online www.pqis.com

  • Application Form
  • IEC - Self Attested
  • RCMC – Self Attested
  • PAN Card – Self Attested
  • After filling necessary information & submitting all documents, take ascreen shot of “successfully registered”. Carry the copy to the Phyto local Office, there they shall activate your User id & password for further use.

For every time a Phyto Certificate is required for your cargo, you need to pay extra as per the requests from the Phyto Sanitary Officer. Charges for this would vary.

Extra :

Rubber Stamps :                                  Any Stationery or Stamps Vendor

  • Company Name with “Authorized Signatory”
  • Round Rubber Stamp with only name of the Company in circular
  • “Accepted” Rubber Stamp

Important Notes:

  • All of the above documents MUST be printed NOT hand - written
  • If you have any other Company Registration please submit all documents of that Company.
  • All documents must be signed & stamped by the Proprietor or the Authorized Signatory