Bring back the Golden Bird to India – Effects of Exports

By | November 21, 2016

Many of you may have heard and and read in books of History that once up on a time India had a glorious past in terms of business. India also happened to be a very rich country. India was a roaring trade partner to the world in the import and export business. Many ancient chronicles report about the vast exports of goods like wheat, rice, sugar, figs, ivory, gems, crafted jewelry spices and textiles among many other items. India, during those days exported to Egypt, Greece, China, Rome and other far off countries. Thus India was called “Sone ki Chidiya: A Golden Bird.

The county ruled in the exports until the end of the Mughal Empire. It was with the advent of European traders, i.e. the Portuguese, Dutch, and finally, the East India Company, that the trade relations of India with other nations started to decline and export suffered heavily. However, in the recent years, the International Institute of Import-Export Management (iiiEM) based in Ahmedabad has committed itself to bring back those “glorious days” to India. The ‘Make in India’ initiative started a few years ago has set the right foundation for Mission Golden Bird.

Importance Of Export In Making India A Golden Bird again

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage national companies to manufacture their products in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched it on 25 September 2014. Many companies have already joined the initiative by putting stress on the manufacturing of goods in India. This is one of the largest manufacturing initiatives taken by the Indian government to pave the path to economic prosperity. As manufacturing will increase, the focus will be to promote export because, for economic stability, growth in export is very much required. It is with increased exports one can make India, a Golden Bird again. The mission of iiiEM, one of the best Export Trade and Training Institute, is to develop one million exporters all over India by 2020, The prestigious institute offers a remarkable course to accomplish this feat. Let us have a glimpse of the iiiEM course where one can learn the tricks of export.

Range of Export Courses Offered by iiiEM

The iiiEM offers a program in export management that one can pursue as a regular student or in a distant mode. The program provides an in-depth knowledge of how to do international trade as well as the much-needed practical training. It has three modules listed below in brief.

  • Start Up in which one can learn a working knowledge of the export cycle along with risk management.
  • Step Up which allows participants to work on exclusive products under the guidance of experts from the Export organization
  • Connect Global in which the institute offers each participant a high-quality website along with database management software at a cost-effective pricing.
  • Under Mission Golden Bird, iiiEM also organizing Trade delegations to International destinations for Trade Fair. The next one is for Gulfood 2017 at Dubai (25th Feb to 2nd Mar 2017 )

New batch starts from November 26 and with limited seats, it is best to enroll now! Please contact at +91 9377590864 or +91 7817030273 to know more about the course.

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