What should be the name of your Export – Import business?

By | December 13, 2019

What should be the name of your Export – Import business

One of the first decisions you will make is finding the right name for your import/export business.

The first thing that a customer would re- brain is the name of the company in order to find out the service or product that they had used before. Even the best products and ideas would not sell if a company’s name were been poorly chosen.

The name for the company is been considered successful when customers remember to identify and associate the name of the export-import company with particular product, service or overall experience what that export/import company provided to them in the past. There is a lot to consider in a name, especially one that may be operating in multiple countries.

Choosing a name is one of the more challenging aspects of starting your new import-export business. It can be a stressful process. The name you choose automatically becomes a tool you can use in marketing your business. If you find out that your selected company name is registered or used, then you should choose another company name, avoid unwanted incident happens later. In the digital age like this, there are thousands of domain names registered each day. You have to make sure the suitable domain name you want, is not been registered.

Tips while deciding a business name –

  1. Focus on the product or service that you will be selling and on your intended customer.
  2. When you are thinking about names, check phone books and do an Internet search to see whether any other local businesses are using a name similar to the one you are considering.
  3. Finding another company using the same name in a similar business may create problems if you want to register or trademark your company name and so be careful.
  4. It should be such that it is easy to spell and pronounce.
  5. Be sure to trademark your business name in your country.
  6. If your business operates online, be aware that domain names are not registered through state or local governments.

Things to consider for the export-import company name –

A good company name should be promoted in media advertising, via word- of- mouth, and branding.

1. Protection –

Protection is one of the most vital branding principles. Someone can easily cone it and so it is important to protect the name and brand.

2. Simplicity and Easy to pronounce –

Export import company name may be long but easy to remember, easy to read will be more effective than the short but difficult to remember.

3.  Avoid negative association of meaning –

As words, things and symbols have different meaning in different countries, it would be advisable to avoid negative association.

4.  Product characteristics –

Naming the product considering the characteristics would help to associate the customers with the product.

5.  Differentiate –

Make sure to differentiate it with that of the competitors.

6.  Match company name with market segments and target customers –

If your brand is positioning to premium segment, then the company name should create a sense of luxury and class.