The Major Ports In India

By | December 21, 2016

India is a vast country and has as many as nine coastal states that have the major ports contributing significantly to the export import business. These ports experience a high cargo and container traffic throughout the year. For anybody who is eager to get into the export-import trade or undergo export import training, knowledge of Shipping & Logistics is necessary. So, let us have a glance at the important ports of India.

The below are some of the unique ports of India. Some artificial, some riverine and others simply natural, Some developed, others expanded to handle traffic, some private. Let us see the unique ones here.

Kandla Port, one of the oldest, also called the “Partition Port”. Being on the west coast of Gujarat, this port is the first in special economic zone in India & in Asia too. Major Imports like petroleum, chemicals and iron & exports of grains, salt & textiles are handled through this port. This port is one of the highest earning ports of India.

Haldia port Kolkata, is located in proximity to the Hooghly River and handle cargos of petroleum, oil and much more. This is the oldest major Port of India. It is the only riverine port with two major docks with oil wharves and a deep water dock system. Hoogly river helps in transport of huge cargos. It also serves the purpose of a base for the Indian Coast Guard.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port ( Nhava Sheva Port ), came into existence to relieve traffic from the Mumbai port. JNP is the largest port in the Country. It is famous for its high capacity of handling large volumes of traffic in the west coastline of India. Mainly, textiles, boneless meat, and carpets are exported via this port while the import items remain vegetable oils, chemicals, and machinery. Nhava Sheva is very well connected with highways and rail networks which is the largest benefit.

Paradip Port, Orissa The artificial deep-water port. This port has its own railway system, cold handling plant and a national highway connecting the port to the other highway network. It mainly handles cargo such as thermal coal, crude oil, finished steel, fertilizer, and containers.

Marmagao Port, Goa is one of the oldest port of the Country. It is a natural harbor of India, engaged mainly in the export of iron ores and raw materials. Export iron ores from here. This is a mjor port since 1964.

Cochin Port, Kerala Termed as one of the largest one in India, this port is located on twin islands of Willingdon and Vallarpadam in Kochi. Its export and import commodities include tea, coffee, spices, fertilizers, and more.

Mumbai Port blessed with a natural water harbor with great depth, this port is the largest port located in the mainland of Mumbai. Recently, with the construction of the brand new Jawaharlal Nehru Port, much of its international container traffic has reduced. Its main cargo traffic includes petroleum products and chemicals.

Madras Port The port is the largest one located in the Bay of Bengal and the oldest port of India. It was an important naval base during the British regime. It is efficient in handling automobiles, petroleum products, cargo containers, coal and much more.

Many of these ports are quite old and have contributed to getting our country the tag of the “Golden Bird” during ancient times. Now, equipped with the latest facilities, it is likely that trader, if undergo a well-designed Program in shipping and logistics management, they can drive their business with better understanding. To excel in your business, contact +91-9377590864.

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