How To Choose Awesome Name For Import Export Company

By | October 14, 2020

After days/ months of research, you have finally found the business you want to do overseas and now are looking for naming the firm/ company and start up the business. It has been proved that the name of the company is the first thing that the customer would remember.

The name of the company plays an important part in the success of the business and so due care should be taken while selecting a name. An easy and attractive name of the company is not just inspirational but it is also the base/ foundation for long-term brand building.

Choose awesome name for import export company is somewhat similar to choosing the brand name. Things to consider while choosing the export-import company name

Best Method to Choose Awesome Name For Import Export Company

1. Protection

Protection is been considered one of the most important principles of branding. If the brand name or the company name is not been protected, there would be chances that it would be closed.

2. Check whether the domain is available on not

The domain name should reflect the business nature and it should be associated with the name of the company.

3. Avoid negative meaning or sound association

Each name, symbol, and thing has a different meaning in different cultures and so due care should be taken for the same.

4. Find a simple name

The name may be long but it should not be difficult to remember or pronounce. Simple names are easy to remember.

5. Product characteristics

While deciding the name, focus on the service that you want to provide and the product you want to sell. Accordingly select a word such as – international, import, trading, global, export, etc with the name. The name should suggest something about the company, its services, and the product.

6. Match the name of the company with the target customer and market segment

The name should match the taste of the ordinary laborers, customers, rural as well as urban audiences.

7. Differentiate

The name should be such that it is different from the competitors. Have a unique yet easily pronounceable name.

Six Ways to Choose Awesome Name For Import Export Company

1. Name the business under the person’s name

It becomes easy to protect your company

2. Name the business by its location

Helps to enter the market easily

3. Name the business by its Acronyms

Maybe a new way of naming, but a popular one. The biggest advantage is it helps to shorten the name and it can be easily remembered.

Some websites are available to generate a business name by entering some words or phrases of your business.

4. Name the business by its inspired nouns or descriptive adjectives

Name it after a person’s name; plant name or animal name and it would work. This is one of the most commonly used naming methods.

5. Name the business in international language

Naming a product/ business in the international language is in trend. This helps to make the business more modern.

6. Name the business in an abstract way

It helps to have a unique name, which is fresh yet easy to remember.

Always remember the best quality product would not have a market if the company’s name is not been chosen properly.