How to Find Buyers For Your Export Business

By | October 21, 2020

find buyers for export business

The most challenging and difficult thing for an exporter is to find buyers for export business. It is never easy to sell in another country. In order to be successful, one needs to adapt to the language, cultural norms as well as travel barriers. As compared to the past, it has become easy for today’s buyers to find prospective buyers due to arising technologies.

Trade shows, customized services, e-Commerce, and trade missions are some of the helpers who help in finding buyers but the easiest way to find buyers is to have a local clientele. Every export business has a need to find buyers. Export Promotion Council, government, as well as the Indian Embassy of the country, can be of great help.

In this blog, we would list down some of the strategies, which one can adopt to find buyers for export business. Below it is being explained in detail

1. Foreign Agencies

Foreign agencies help the importer-exporter to run the business easily. There are numerous agencies, which are there to help so choosing the right one can be difficult. You can inquire about them, find the best one, and appoint him.

2. Foreign wholesalers

Every country has foreign wholesalers. Dealing with private wholesalers would be much quicker and easy rather than dealing with government agents.

3. Buying Agents

Finding local representatives has become an easy task due to technology. Buying agents have a huge amount of contacts in the local market and so if you appoint them, they can help to increase your sales to a great extend.

4. Commission Agents

The commission agent is the person who acts as a middle- man in finding export products and at the same time does the buying on behalf of the wholesale distributor for the foreigner. As these agents are been paid on a commission basis, they work really hard and are highly motivated.

5. Salesperson appointed by you

You may be capable to do everything by yourself but it is not possible in the long run. Just like foreign wholesalers, give buyers some fixed commission for helping to find imports, you can appoint and commission salesperson/ representative to help you find exports. It might incur some expense but you would be free to concentrate on product manufacturing.

6. Trade fairs and exhibitions

There are some of the direct platforms, which give opportunities to interact and meet international buyers. Visiting these exhibitions not only helps to find buyers but also helps in making good relations with foreign clients.

How to  find buyers for export business online

  1. Build and professional and attractive website for your business. Search Engine Marketing is a technique that will help to pop up the product online.
  2. Adopt Google search console as it helps to manage the structure of the website.
  3. Try to create and develop a social media strategy as it helps to reach out to a huge customer base. Social media sites such as Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc are some of the sources that help to find buyers online.
  4. B2B website such as Alibaba, Indiamart, DHGate is some of the buyer-seller platforms that help in finding buyers online.