Export – Import Business Ideas in 2021

By | December 14, 2020
Export Business Ideas

export import business

Import – Export is not an easy job but if done with due care, it can be an easy way of making money in overseas market. The NDA government has forecasted of making 5 trillion dollar economy by the year 2024. Looking at the present scenario worldwide, there is a huge scope for import and export as countries have given access to global trade. Adopting and following specified guidelines given by the government regulations is a must for any business. The toughest job for starting an import- export business is selection of the right product. Below is the list of top 50 import export businesses that can be profitable for even a new business

1. Clothing –
2. Sea food Export –
3. Handicrafts export –
4. Beauty Products –
5. Flexographic Ink Export
6. Toilet paper export –
7. Vegetables –
8. Fruits
9. Chemical Exports –
10. Export Insurance Service Provider
11. Food and Beverage
12. Live stock business
13. Meat Exports –
14. Construction chemical export –
15. Medicine Export –
16. Petroleum goods –
17. Detergents Export
18. Warehouse service provider
19. Home made goods
20. Machinery business –
21. Souvenir Export
22. Safety shoes –
23. Used product’s exports
24. Marketing expert business
25. Metal exports
26. Furniture exports
27. Cotton exports
28. Plastic Export –
29. Leather products –
30. Cloud based service exports
31. Timber export –
32. IT consultant
33. Export consultant
34. Traditional/ Fancy chappals –
35. Saffron Export –
36. Art work
37. Auto Spare Parts Export
38. Designer wear
39. Export Directory Provider
40. Environment Technologist –
41. Vehicle exports
42. Jewellery/ Gem exports
43. Animal feed export –
44. Logistics exports
45. Service provider to overseas customers
46. Gadgets export
47. Pickles export
48. Medical equipments export
49. Custom broker
50. Iron export

Indian jewellery is in demand worldwide. Issues related to environment can be big and challenging if no precautions are been taken. By becoming a environmental technologist, one can earn good. Directory provider is an easy way to start with as it is something that every importer or exporter would need. It is never a bad idea to supply traditional or fancy chappals to foreign countries. There are numerous Indians who stay in foreign countries but love wearing Indian chappals so it can be profitable to start a business of the same. Worldwide, there is a huge demand of the same and thus has good opportunities.

There are numerous uses of plastic and each country needs it. Finding the demanding country for the product and exporting there can be beneficial. There are various countries, which lack behind in terms of medical facilities and so exporting medicines/ medical products can be profitable. Love for Indian handicrafts is evergreen all over the world and starting a handicraft export can be a good idea. Each country is developing and there are certain countries, which does not have the capacity to produce construction chemicals, one can think about entering into this business. It is a good idea to provide insurance services to the exporter also.